Illustrating essential questions and using them as sources of conflict

I wanted to ask are there general rules on illustrating the essential questions story points?

For example in my narrative: if the story outcome is success, can I create scenes where conflict arises from a character succeeding.

If my mc growth is stop: can I create scenes where conflict arises from stopping?

I think that the judgement kind of hints at that at least. Maybe conflict is implied or just shown briefly?

Conan just popped in my head. The original.

Of course. These questions really have nothing to do with those appreciations. The Story Outcome is defined as the success or failure to achieve the Goal when looking at the whole narrative. It doesn’t tell you what to do in individual scenes.

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In addition I think that if a story has an outcome of success, one can see instances building up through the entire narrative. Success or succeeding is not only something that happens at the end it can happen across the narrative.

Sure it can, but it doesn’t have to. You might have an Outcome of Success but have the characters pretty much failing at their attempts through the whole story. They might fail at what they’re trying to do yet still meet the Requirements and achieve the Goal.

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That’s an interesting dynamic, where I can set the os dynamics one way yet illustrate the opposite os plot dynamics with the exception of staying consistent with the five story drivers.