Justification Review (and Help) Request

Hey, everyone!

I remembered the thread on Justification practice back in May, and I’ve been following Conflict Corner. Now, with the update that includes the idea to break away from Progressive Complications :socks:, I wanted to ask for a crowd-sourced check for justifications that I’ve come up with for a WIP.

People must instill an idea in others in order to feel safe, unless people should allow an open forum in order to ensure freedom.

People should consider things carefully in order to ascertain knowledge, unless people need to be aware of others in order to maintain happiness.

Note here that in the first part, I’m thinking something like deep thought, to the point that someone might need to “wake them”, so to speak, for something important.

People should take things as they come in order to live a calm and relaxed life, unless people need to focus on current events in order to show they care.

People need to investigate something in order to satisfy their curiosity, unless… ???

I could use help with this one, as I’m unable to come up with something for the ??? part. I think I’m too close in my own opinions to this truism to easily see an alternate perspective…

Of course, if anybody else would like practice or input again, then this topic can certainly be used for that, too. :slight_smile:

I think with what context you have there, it may be a progressive complication. Perhaps if it were more specific in it’s generalization (does that make sense?). What’s to say instilling an idea in others isn’t the same context as allowing an open forum. In my mind, at least, I could picture the same storytelling for both–making this just a binary choice.

Being aware of others sounds like “Aware-ing” to me, more than just Conscious. Conscious should be more about the process of thinking. First half is pretty good… but I would try to seek something a bit stronger as far as the justification for considering things carefully. Ex: People should consider things carefully in order to maintain a certain reputation (knowledge or thought).

The only extra measure I might suggest tacking onto this one is asking yourself–are these really mutually exclusive? Can one take things in stride to remain easy going AND focus on current events to show they care? Perhaps think of the first half of Present in terms of LACK of Present to stay calm and relaxed. Turn off the news so you don’t freak out over Covid vs. Staying current shows those around you you’re not just a misanthrope.
How can you stay checked out, but show that your finger is on the pulse at the same time?

I mean… there’s so many ways you could go here. When you’re struggling, try actually talking about this in terms of some story point. Illustrate and contextualize the hell out of it. I have no idea if this is part of a story or just random exercises, but if this were about some guy hellbent on discovering what’s inside Area 51…

He needs to snoop around Area 51 to scratch that conspiracy theory itch, UNLESS…
… THEY are tracking me! Get off the grid!
… Learning reveals how much you don’t know (thus increasing that itch instead of satisfying it).
… If you’re dense enough to think Area 51 is real, you’ve got some learning disabilities.

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It’s a little bit of both. I have a Storyform for which I like the argument, but I was initially uncertain of its strength for the draft from which it was sourced. Thus, I’ve been making attempts to generalize things from it. The purpose thus being as what’s been shown in Conflict Corner in order to generate entirely different storytelling.

Conceiving is meant to be the OS and Conscious the MC.

However, in writing a response, I’ve discovered the reason the source material might be difficult to pin down is that the RS and OS are rather weak therein. Thus, it seems like I have some Conceiving (idea-generation) of my own to do. :joy:

These answers have helped much, though. So, thank you!


I should mention that I really liked this one. I saw “open forum” as a completely different context from “instill an idea” and it took me a minute to understand John’s point of view. So maybe the fix is just to make sure the open forum is really a totally different context – not a place where people convince each other of things or instill ideas (however openly), more about the open exchange of ideas that benefits everyone.

Sort of like how open source was a huge paradigm shift for the software industry. (Although that’s more of an Obtaining – controlling vs. giving away – dilemma, but you can see the parallels.)


This is exactly how I was thinking about that part. :smile:

Not that I was trying to think of it this way, but this helps explain something that happens in the draft story… The IC player goes off on his own for a little while. It’s because of this!

Still working on the Learning portion, though…

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