Learn Characters in a day

Hi Chris and Jim.
Watched Melanie and Jim in secrets of the Quad and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wanted to purchase the class on Learning Characters in a day from the site. The link seems broken. I would like to point it out so it can be fixed. Need to buy the lecture series. Thanks.

I will look into it and get back to you soon!

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Thank you Jim. Want to get the videos.

Hi Jim,
Happy Holidays. Wanted to give a gentle reminder regarding the broken link to the Lecture. Thank you. God bless you and your family.

Still waiting on Melanie to provide a viable link for the download. She’s in charge of offering that product. As soon as she has it ready, I’ll post it here!

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Thank you boss. Much appreciated.

Hi @jhull congratulations on the Tangled gig. Anxiously looking forward to it. Been looking for a work around on characters but something always seems missing. I wanted to ask if there’s been any word on the Learn Characters in a day course. Thanks.

I’m waiting to hear back from Melanie. As soon as I hear you will know for sure!

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Thank you @jhull. Arigato.

If this is still needed… the P number was incorrect in the link.


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Thank you so much for that clarification! Still want to finish this story of the Ugly Duckling…

The purchase link at Learn Characters in a Day - Storymind Presents - Classes - Dramatica for this appears to be dead now. Does anyone know if these videos are available anywhere?

Yes! They’re on my personal computer … :rofl:

My plan was to add them to Subtxt during the Fall. I’m doing big updates to educational stuff over the next couple of months, so this will be a part of it.

We never finished it, but my plan was to finish it out myself


@jhull Well, excellent! I’ll just be looking forward to those updates, then!

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