Movies with this design:

Can anyone think of a movie where the Protagonist is not the MC or the IC, and the MC is Steadfast?


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Would some Sherlock Holmes movies or episodes fit?

I think Sherlock is usually the IC in those.

This design makes me think of stories where the focus is on what we’d normally consider ‘extras’ or side characters. It made me think of Waiting for Godot and Rosencrantz and Guildernstern are Dead. Both not movies… but that’s how I pictured the feel of such a design…a little bit absurd and a sense of not knowing what is going on.
Roma was another one which came to mind as a candidate because in some ways the absent men in that story felt like protagonists and the story felt like it looked at what the people left to clean up the mess of protagonists end up doing.
Also perhaps Knives Out?

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This is a good example where the Protagonist is neither MC or IC, but Marta is Changed, not Steadfast. I think Westworld Season 1 and The Empire Strikes Back also fit the first part, but don’t have Steadfast MCs.

@JonnyDramatica pointed out to me that this design would probably call for an ensemble movie. I’m wondering, along those lines, if the drama would feel to “spread out” to be very interesting to watch.

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We’re rewatching the first season of Westworld right now and that’s how it is – there are lot of characters and POV shifts, but thw whole thing feels unified. It’s possible though that there’s another storyform in there – Maeve feels a bit like a second MC.

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I always found my most enjoyable fiction experiences (written and film) had a repetition of similar patterns being repeated with different characters and sub stories in some way. I loved experiencing it several times. (Just memories, here)

This is very much what people mean when they say Dramatica is fractal.

Valentine’s Day, maybe?

I’m not familiar. The poster makes it look like it’s going to be a bunch of tales thrown together.

I always enjoyed the stories that were just one story but had lots of sub stories during it going on, with some kind of repetition I never analyzed. Something different from this concept and experience, but in some ways the same, was watching the first episodes of Ordinary Joe, which were interesting and might fit this.

I think A Man For All Seasons fits the bill. However, although we identified the Duke of Norfolk as the primary IC, it is possible that the Protagonist (Henry VIII) takes on the IC role at times.

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Somehow fumbling with this on the phone flagged your post, oops and I can’t figure out how to undo it … but it does deserve a flag for fantastic points … haha. I saw the film on the big screen and mind blowing sticks with the memories. Good call. The daughter takes a scene as IC, too, I bet. Kind of like Jeremiah Johnson with nature, this is with nation or some such. Just thoughts but it kind of makes one consider nature and the like as protagonists at times.

Sorta, but they all end up connecting. You should try it and see if it fits what you’re after.

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I’ll wait until February just so I’m in the mood.

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Chinatown. Jake is steadfast MC. A mysterious spoiler-free character is the protagonist (and not the IC) in the twist ending.

Interesting! Thanks.