Multiple POV and 4 Throughlines

When we’re moving through the Throughlines, using multiple POV, does the POV have to match the Throughline it represents?

For example, can we understand the IC throughline development even if it is seen through the eyes of someone else?

Can the OS be spun during the MC’s or the IC’s POV?

If so, whose POV does RS develop through? Both IC and MC?

Any ideas?


I think the consensus is that Dramatica “POV” and storytelling “POV” happen a different levels, so you don’t need to be overly concerned with matching them.

Here’s a thread that goes into more detail and I think is worth reading.


Another thing that might help… Everything in Dramatica is from the point of view of the Author, so however you communicate any of the story points is valid. For example, if you as Author know that the RS Problem is Consider (“thinking too much about what their relationship really is causes difficulties between them”), you can show that from any POV in the novel – MC’s, IC’s, a third party’s, omniscient narrator comments, quotes at the beginning of a chapter from a future textbook talking about the story, etc.


The POV in the story doesn’t have to match the throughline specifically, no. I just discivered that recently when writing a scene that came from the IC throughline but written in an OS throughline character POV.

Here’s a bit more detail about that : How the IC impacts

The RS is one that has me a tad stumped, though I suspect other characters can comment on an RS throughline event from their own POV.

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