My take on a conflict resulting from physics - Entering a place a lot of people in Kampala City go to

I’m writing a short story based in physics, here’s my attempt at writing a conflict that results from physics.

The illustration of physics I am using is Entering a place a lot of people in Kampala City go to.

The Four School Boys – Written by Samuel Ogeda

2:00 PM

A group of friends from Kabira International School, Max James, Tom and Wilson entered their favorite restaurant, KFC Acacia Mall. In front of them people were in a line making orders.

The cashier handed order slips with a number to those who paid. They would then stand and watch a screen that displayed order numbers. When a customer number showed on the screen, they walked to the counter and received their order.

Those who made a take away order would receive it in a KFC branded square paper bag. While those who chose to eat from the outlet would receive their order on a red tray.

For a lot of individuals, KFC didn’t serve the most delicious food in Kampala. What made people constantly flock this restaurant was the speed at which one’s order would be delivered. KFC was arguably the fastest of all fast food restaurants in Uganda.

The place was noisy, the four had to speak raise their voices to hear each other.

"So what are we ordering today?" said Max. 

“We’ll do the usual. The family size bucket,” said Tom.

"I want us to have something different for a change," said Wilson. 

“Like what?” said Tom.

James was busy swiping away on his phone.

“Burgers. I know they are not part of the family package but I’m tired of eating the same thing over and over again,” said Wilson.

“We all have UGX 15,000 to spend right?” said Max.

“Yes,” the three replied in unison.

“UGX 15,000 times four what does that come to James?” said Max.

“I don’t know.”

“Stop texting and make use of the dictionary I mean calculator on your phone,” said Max.

James clicked the home button to close his Whatsapp application and opened the calculator app. “UGX 15,000 times four is UGX 60, 000,” he said.

“We don’t have money for the more expensive family meals. Why not make individual orders instead?” said Max.

“The only individual meals we can afford are the streetwise combos which won’t fill our tummies,” said James.

“Why don’t we go to Pizza Hut and eat something from there?” said Wilson.

“Pizza Hut is fine. But the crust. Their crust is very thin. I know that for 30k they’ll give us an extra pizza for free but waaah. Let’s go to Taste Budz Bukoto,” said Tom.

"I want to fill my stomach. I'm not interested in whether the crust is thin or not? Who's with me for going to Pizza Hut," said James.

"I'd rather go to Taste Budz as Tom suggested," said Max. 

"Me too," said James. 

"Food is more than food to me. Food is something that soothes my soul. When I'm having a low day, food can make me feel on top of the world," said Max. 

The other three shook their heads. 

They turned around and made for the entrance at Acacia mall. It was now 2: 30 pm. 

James observed the security guards checking people entering into the building. 

Dark clouds gathered overhead. They made their way to the taxi stage at Zinellos. When they got there a strong wind began to blow. Leaves fell off the mango trees behind them.  Passersby walked faster past them. A taxi came and stopped right next to them. 

The word taxi in Uganda typically refers to a Toyota Hiace or van made in the ninety’s. The vehicle is licensed to carry fourteen passengers. Two passengers seat at the front row where the driver seats. 

The other twelve passengers seat in rows of three at the back with a conductor seating next to the first row of three passengers. There are only four doors on the van.
There’s the driver’s door, a passenger’s door at the side of the vehicle, a passenger door for the 12 passengers on the same side of the vehicle as the passenger’s door and an emergency exit at the back of the van.

The taxi conductor opened the main passenger door, a gentleman dressed in a white hat, white suit and white shoes came out.

"Ntinda, Bukoto, Ntinda, Bukoto," the conductor said looking at the four of them. 

Max showed the conductor four fingers of his right hand, "We are four," he said. 

The conductor looked at the other people standing at the stage, "Ntinda, Bukoto, Ntinda Bukoto." 

A lady dressed in a loose green dress that reached her feet approached the vehicle and entered. 

"This is not the best place to get a taxi that will take the four of us. For the most part it's either one or two people that alight from taxis that stop here," said Wilson. 

A drop of rain hit James's phone and he quickly wiped it away. 

Droplets hit a puddle of water on the tarmac a few meters from them. 

"I don't know about the rest of you but I'm going to enter the next taxi that comes along. You'll sort yourselves out," said James. 

A taxi stopped 10 seconds later and one passenger alighted from one of the two seats next to the driver. 

James took the vacant seat next to the driver. 

A passenger got out from the main seating area of the taxi. 

"See you guys in Bukoto," said Max. As he climbed into the now full taxi. 

Tom and Wilson were left standing side by side.

_If there was a way to make Tom disappear I would gladly do so right now. I’m going to spend my hard earned money and at the end I’m still going to feel hungry. Huh. Friends. Wilson change your attitude, Tom has helped you a lot in the past. Saying something nice to him._  “How’s your SST essay going?” 

“It’s going on well. I’m drafting my conclusion.” 

“I haven’t even started,” said Wilson. 

Another taxi came by. A flash of lightning lit up the sky above the taxi. The sound of thunder boomed so hard the alarms of cars parked nearby went off.

“For a moment I thought I’d been bombed,” said Tom.

Wilson smiled. 

A teenage boy in a grey t-shirt alighted from the taxi. 

Wilson climbed into the taxi and sat next to the window facing Tom. He waved at Tom as the vehicle left the stage. 

The drizzle got heavier and within two minutes a heavy down pour ensured.

Tom and other people standing at the stage made for a waiting area with seats. It was stationed two meters behind them and had a light blue translucent plastic shade.

A taxi stopped. Five people dashed towards it from the shade.

The conductor opened the door and three people alighted so that a lady at the back could get out.

One of the five people from the stage climbed into the taxi before the three who had come out to make room for the lady who had just come out.

A man tried to push his way into the taxi before the three who were already inside.

The conductor grabbed his shirt and pulled him out. “Wait for those who were already in the taxi. Besides the other man has already taken the one vacant spot,” said the conductor.”

Four of the five ran back to the shade. By this time their upper garments were soaking wet.

Tom rubbed his hands and yawned as he waited. I wish I had carried a sweater.

Another taxi stopped at the stage.

He ran for the taxi as fast as he could and slammed into the main passenger door.

The door opened and the driver said, “What’s your problem? Your impatience will not do you any good.”

Tom felt bodies crowding behind him. “I’m getting into this taxi at any cost.” He held the open door of the taxi.

A lady alighted from the taxi.

Tom swooped in as soon as the lady’s feet touched the pavement.

“Conductor take me,” said one of the people who had crowded behind Tom from the shade.

The conductor shut the door. “Driver we can go.”

“Huh,” Tom let out a sigh. He pulled out his handkerchief and wiped his arms, neck and face.

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