New films for analysis?

In The Bedroom (2001) - I wonder if this masterpiece of slow burn tension and character nuance holds up to Dramatica theory. (Directed by Todd Field. Screenplay by Todd Field and Robert Festinger. Adapted from the short story “Killings” by Andre Dubus.)

Pixar’s Inside Out. I loved it. Simply amazing.

Inside Out would be a nice companion piece to The Babadook, both relying on expressionism (it’s pretty blatant in Pixar’s offering) and the suppression of certain, negative feelings that NEED to be let out.

hi - new to dramatica forums and sinking deep into the theory. I love it.
what about Lost In Translation? It seems to be considered Sofia Coppola’s most complete film, if the positive reception of the film is an indication of complete storytelling for such minimal, quiet filmmaking. It is on the surface unclear to me who is the main character and who is the influence character. thoughts?

Anybody up for Foxcatcher? It’s on Netflix. I think it would make for a great title for an online analysis. Strange 4th act where the MC is pretty much missing in action.

Been a while since I’ve seen it, but from what I recall, Johansson’s character is the MC (we experience Japan and the white gloved hotel service through her eyes).

Has there been any dramatica analysis on multi story ecosystems like Syriana by stephen gaghan or Magnolia by pt anderson? Both feel very complete. is this a case of multiple complete short stories in which the MC in one story is an IC in another?

I absolutely love Magnolia but don’t think there is a storyform in there. More juxtaposition of slice-of-life than actually trying to “prove” something (which is essentially what a “Dramatica” type story is all about). Crash has had analysis, but in a limited sense.

There is a QnA about ensemble stories and Dramatica. That might help you a bit.

I just saw it this weekend, and I’d be very interested in doing this one.

Great! Anybody else up for Foxcatcher? @jhull?

I heard it was an incomplete storyform … Probably for the reasons you mentioned above. Il’l have to skip this one.

Hm… @FancyRW, if you’re still up for it, let’s give it a try in a separate thread and show @jhull all the fun he’s missing.

Who knows. You may be right. The last thing in the world I wanted to see was Song of the Sea and I’ll be eternally grateful for people here suggesting to watch it.


I’m confused - Ex Machina or Foxcatcher? I haven’t seen Foxcatcher.

Oops! Sorry, I forgot to click the little arrow thingy to see which post you were responding to (lesson learned!).

Yeah, Ex-Machina is a perfect film. Would love to do that one too.

Now i heard Ex Machina was great … been planning to watch that one all week. I’d be up for that one (assuming its complete)


2016: I’d like to see an analysis of Doubt (Meryl Streep & Phillip Seymour Hoffman)

2016: Full analysis of Forrest Gump

2016: Full analysis of The Name of the Rose

I’m surprised neither Roxanne, nor Cyrano have been analyzed. Seems like an omission when both are mentioned in the book.