On Discuss, can people see replies as we're writing them?

I swear sometimes people reply to my posts before I’ve finished writing them. Also, I think I’ve seen people’s posts as they’re typing them before. I thought maybe it was just for Edits but maybe it’s for any posts? Can people see your posts on Discuss as you’re typing them?

(Except not New Topics because there’d be no way to actually be on the New Topic page until it was posted.)

Kind of a cool feature, but definitely something you want to be aware of. Especially if you start out insulting people and then erase that part … :slight_smile:

I haven’t noticed it. I do tend to edit my posts a lot after replying because a lot of the times I’m on this board are while I’m rocking my child to sleep and I’m typing on my phone with one fat finger.

I don’t think I’ve insulted anybody and had to erase it though.

MC Symptom: Self-Aware

MC Response: Aware

Character arc in action :smiley:

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Next time I notice it I will take a screen shot – Evidence to support my Memories of this happening, all driven by my Fixed Attitude beliefs of how this forum works!

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Hey, everyone is a writer on this forum…words inmotion are expected

No, I don’t believe they can see.