Plot Progression Printing Bug

I am not certain this is a Dramatica bug or an equipment issues but…

When I try to print the Plot Progression report on my PC (print to pdf) it prints ∞ pages. A bit of hyperbole: I haven’t reached ∞ yet, but I’ve let it go until it hit 20,000. So, it prints indefinitely on my PC (in essence never completing the file). I can workaround the problem by printing a series of pages (i.e., 1 through 10), but I thought it might be worth trying to reproduce the bug.

Sorry if it has already been reported.

*I can’t reproduce this with a clean slate Storyform with only the Story Engine completed. I’m not sure what causes it yet.

It is a Dramatica bug. Instead of printing a slash (/), I think, it prints an infinity symbol followed by 2. That has been fixed in a free update for those who have Dramatica Story Expert that we hope to have out by the end of March 2018.