Plot Sequence Report ... Getting Under the Hood

So I’m developing a new story idea and tinkering with the (much maligned?) Plot Sequence Report… its seems to have great potential as an outline tool, but I have a question about its mechanics.

Specifically, how each Throughline Signpost (which are Types) gets paired with 4 Scenes (which are Variations … but of a different Class).

For instance my OS Signpost 1 is “Conceiving An Idea” which is a Type of Psychology/Manipulation Class, the Domain of my OS. Good so far.

But OS Signpost 1 Scenes 1-4 deal with Prerequisites-Preconditions-Strategy-Analysis … which are the "Learning Variations of the Physics/Activity Class (which is the Domain of my Relationship Story)

Can I assume that Dramatica is forcing my Objective Story to “take on issues” of my Relationship Story as a way of integrating them? Is there a “formula” for these interactions between the 4 Throughlines when using the Plot Sequence Report?

Perhaps a firmer grasp on these interactions could inform my approach to this process. Wondering if anyone else out there has used this tool and can shed light on the logic of its story mechanics.

Cheers! Peter

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But, in general:

  1. We do not discuss the underlying mechanics of how the plot sequence report does its thing, because that is part of what you pay for if you buy the software.
  2. It’s not really that, in your case. the Objective Story “borrows” from the Relationship Story. It’s been mentioned that a beginning story is kind of like an unsolved rubic’s cube.
  3. You can view it as how the characters view their issues subjectively. For instance, you as the author know in the first Signpost the characters have issues with Permissions, Needs, Expediencies, and Deficiencies. The characters, on the other hand, might see their issues as problems of Prerequisite, Precondition, Strategy, and Analysis.
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