Program/error messages when closing the program

I’ve started getting the following messages when I close the program.

“Unable to remove “C\Program Files(x86)\Write Brothers, Inc\Dramatica Pro\dramatic.prf”: No such file or directory.”


"Error 2 deleting old file “C:\Progrom Files (x86)\Write Brothers, Inc\Dramatica Pro\dramatic.prf”.
PFM mem data corrupt!
Saved data remains in file “C:\Program Files (x86)\Write Brothers, Inc\Dramatica Pro\unique$$.005”

Any idea what these are telling me?

The error means that Dramatica cannot write out its preferences file.

If you recently installed Dramatica, this could mean that Dramatica was not installed with Administrator privileges. If this is the case, uninstall the software, then right-click on the installer, choose the Run As Administrator option and reinstall.

Otherwise, it’s likely caused by an anti-virus or security program not allowing Dramatica to write the preferences file. If this is the case, you can test it by turning off the anti-virus and security software to see if you continue to get the error. Assuming you no longer get the error, turn the apps on one at a time to find out which one is preventing Dramatica from writing to the Dramatica application folder. You should be able to whitelist Dramatica for the app(s) preventing Dramatica from writing the file. You can google to find out how to whitelist a program for your specific security or anti-virus app.

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Thanks Chris. I recently got a new laptop and installed the software, so could be either.
Thanks again.

It would seem as though you fixed this, but I had a similar problem with Writer’s Dreamkit. I can’t say why it was happening (bear in mind, the same problem didn’t exist with my Dramatica Pro software), but I fixed it by installing the program on my D: drive.

In retrospect, I can see why admin privileges might solve the problem when dealing with that particular default installation directory. So it makes sense.

I’d swear that my first instinct probably would have been uninstalling and reinstalling with admin privileges. And for some reason, perhaps that didn’t work so I moved my installation directory away from the default. All peachy now.

I’d meant to respond to this a while back, but I forgot.