Protagonist acts holistic

Hello again. I would like to play “if this were a Dramatica story”

I had seen that Trump wants to pardon Edward Snowden. This is chaos! Trump does not care about Snowden, he only wishes to promote something that will make people yell at each other.

If Trump were the protagonist, he would be doing this because he wants to be president again. This is chaos holistic pursuit of obtaining.

Are there other protagonists who act holistic like this? But are not also the main character?

Protagonists do not “act” holistic. They are a part of the Objective Story Throughline and therefore don’t exhibit the same sort of Linear/Holistic dynamic found in the Main Character Throughlines.

Protagonists are a function of the Objective Story concerned with Pursuit and Consider.

What you’re seeing are problems of Psychology, with Concerns of Conceptualizing, Being, Becoming, and Conceiving.

I do not know the language you want me to be using here. Certainly a characters in the OS can be represented as behaving in a way that is holistic?

Yes, through storytelling you may ‘decorate’ your objective characters with any behavioral t raits you can think of. The trick is to be clear that these are not part of the character’s function in the story if they are not related to the character elements assigned to that character. This is easiest when the character is NOT a subjective character, i.e. the main character or influence character or players in the relationship throughline.



Trump doesn’t care about Snowden, I agree. But to say he wants to pardon him is a far stretch from what he actually said, which was:

“There are a lot of people that think that he is not being treated fairly” and “I’m going to start looking at it.”

So, to make a leap all the way to Trump is considering pardoning Snowden…well, one should know better than to listen to mainstream press these days. They just love to get people fired up over nothing.

As it turns out, Trump pardoned Susan B. Anthony.

What this has to do with holistic characters is beyond me. I don’t know why you brought Snowden and Trump into a discussion on holistic perspectives.

hahahaha you come here days later to tell me against providing an example in my search for knowledge on holistic?

What this comment has to do with my question is beyond me. It is about you and I have offended you! hahahah this is pathetic

All this orange man do is do chaos. He is the Joker! The Joker is holistic! But you cannot see.

Yes exactly. And this makes you and me and everyone crazy and it is indirect but his goal is still to win the President. This is holistic or do you think it is direct?

He pardoned Susan B. Anthony! This isn’t holistic this is stupid. He is very clear what he thinks of women and this does nothing to change

you keep your politics out of this. I did a good example of someone holistic that everyone would know.

Closing this one for violating policy (politically biased discussions).

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