Relationship between prco and problem solution focus outcome

Is this correlation right.

Potential = problem
outcome = solution
Resistance = focus
Current = direction

I feel my correlation is wrong.

@mlucas how would prco correlate to problem solution focus direction?

You got it right except that you put Outcome down twice and forgot Current, probably a typo. I’m pretty sure you meant to say that Direction is the Current, which would be correct.

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thanks. I’ve corrected it. It’s dawned on me prco doesn’t have the same dynamic pairs like problem solution symptom response.

Ha! You seem to be going through some of the same questions I did! :slight_smile:

Yes but from what I see in a prco quad. Potential and resistance are a dynamic pair.

Current and outcome are a dynamic pair.

Potential Vs resistance
Current Vs outcome

The prco puts potential (problem) and outcome (solution) into a horizontal relationship not a diagonal relationship.

Yes – PRCO is a general concept that applies to many different areas of Dramatica.

In the particular application of PRCO to Problem/Solution/Focus/Direction, the Potential and Outcome will always be dynamic pairs, as will the Current and Resistance.

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Those do not always match up that way.

Problem, Solution, Focus & Direction are one way to appreciate a Throughline from within a certain context.

Potential, Resistance, Current, & Outcome are a way to appreciate the journey through a Quad — I.e. another context.