Reorienting the Z-Patterns

I had been thinking about mental sex (i.e. problem solving style) and the order of signposts in dramatic circuits. As I understand, linear problem solvers go in Z-formations through a quad, whereas holistics go in C-formations because the Power and Current are flipped.

My objective story is a C that is on its side because its potential and initial signpost is Learning.

As I recall, Melanie mentioned in her blog that she realized these patterns reorient due to something she likened to magnets.

What is the actual element reorienting these? Is it that the end result, let’s say in a successful story, must be the goal. For example, Obtaining must be at the end signpost and this is a linear mindset story, so the …. hmmm. Mine came out a U or C pattern.

Can someone enlighten me?

Also, if U and Z patterns represent the problem solving mindset, what about the other two: unitary dots and the X pattern?

The patterns are meaningless.

What does have meaning is what moves the element’s around which is tied to the various dynamics.

You won’t learn anything trying to read something into the patterns on the model.

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