Storyform: full season TV

I have a question for people who have storyformed entire seasons of shows.

The MC changes at the end of the pilot in both Jane the Virgin and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

First, When looking at the entire season, are you treating the pilot as “story 1” and the remainder of the season as “story 2”? Or are you treating it as one entity?

Second, Jane is in Universe in the pilot and Changes. I assume that she is also in Universe for the first season. Mrs. Maisel is also in Universe and also Changes. I assume for the season she’s still a Do-er and still in Universe. Essentially, what this would mean is that moments of Be-ing are noise that gets drown out by the many examples of Do-ing.


In Maisel Season One Storyform she is a Be-er (husband is Do-er who changes).

(Just remembered I wrote alot about it…Mrs. Maisel Season One Analysis)

So, okay… she’s a do-er in the pilot (Universe>Housewife).

Now I’ll have to watch the season (which is the best kind of homework).

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