Structural Fit For a Ghost Character

I’m watching “What’s Love Got to Do With It” about Tina Turner. There’s an obvious ghost character in the first or second act. Can’t remember her name. She’s Ike’s former girlfriend before he switches to Tina. She’s been addicted and scared about losing Ike. This would be the state Tina might’ve been in had she not pushed against Ike.

Recently, I was watching Melanie Ann Phillips talking about Dramatica chart being spiral in nature. We’re seeing the table as a flat chart, but it’s really a spiral. Melanie talked in her presentation to the Dramatica Users group in the Past, Present, Future and Beyond Youtube video about the potential for figuring out a dynamic adjunct to Dramatica theory. This would describe how the structural elements increase and decrease.

I wondered if the ghost character can fit in structurally if we’re watching both Tina and this former girlfriend as the main character (I) perspective and that the curves of the spiral overlap at the point with where we see the ghost character.

Wow. As I recall, there are only two spots in the Tina Turner movie when a pistol appears: once during the ghost character and once in the climactic moments of the story when Ike meets Tina in her dressing room. He pulls out the pistol. This seems to tie the ghost character in to the main character.