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hello, how is going corona virus , I hop you are ok . pleas let me know in 38 steps of Screenplay Structure Template where ends 1 act , begins 2 act, start again 3 act and 4 act. it is important to know, thank you so much.

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There are 5 Drivers in any story.

The 1st driver begins the story.
The 2nd driver is the end of the first act and the beginning of the second act.
The 3rd driver is the end of the second act and the beginning of the third act. It is also at the middle of the story.
The 4th driver ends the third act and begins the fouth and final act.
The 5th driver ends the story.

Drivers can be Actions or Decisions. But they are always the same in any story.

I don’t know anything about 38 steps. Where did you get this number?

It is best not to think of a Screenplay having a structure that is too strict. Dramatica is about the meaning and theme of a story. It does have some places where it directly affects the structure of the movie (like the Drivers) but it is probably looser than you think.

In other words, the theme of სელქის ბალშვეები is probably Control vs. Uncontrolled (Misbehavior).
You see both Control and Misbehavior everywhere, and not in a “fixed structure” because a thematic structure is about setting up the proper characters more than it is anything else.


Thank you very much. You helped me a lot. Yes, Mr. Absolutely, I heard everything. thanks once again. I wish you good health.

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I will now call myself “Mr. Absolutely” forever!

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