"subjective story throughline report"

A bit puzzled about the Dramatica software “subjective story throughline report,” which only discusses the MC and IC at odds with each other, not mentioning any of the Subjective Story Throughline storypoints.

Is this a passe report? Or is this reflecting, rather, the Crucial Element throughline?

I don’t know where it is at the moment, but I remember one of Jim’s articles in which he suggested that report was misleading.


Anywhere where it says the MC and the IC are at odds over “something”, or where theirs is an emotional argument will ultimately lead you astray. I don’t think any of the reports refers to the relationship itself as the focal point of the Relationship Story Throughline…

The problem with the reports is that they are programmatic, which means for something as subtle and sophisticated as the RS Throughline, the end result will be reductive at best.


Yes, well herein lies my problem. Need to figure out how to get out of these hiking boots and put on the stilettos. Sigh.