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Hi Subtext Users,

I’m a little confused about how to get into Subtext. Are there two separate websites? One seems to be and the other is

However, I can only log into

Is still working? When I log into it, I’m getting:

And the email invitation to complete the registration hasn’t been sent. But, I’ve been a subscriber for a while now. Maybe because the app. website no longer works?

Let me know, thanks!


PS. I tried to categorise this post under Subtext but that category doesn’t exit. So, technology it is :slight_smile:

I don’t think the one at App is working anymore. Just use the one linked at Narrative First.

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Ah! That makes total sense now. I hadn’t visited Subtext for a while and recently started to dive back in. Hence, the confusion. Thank you, John!

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Yes, sorry for the confusion. It’s SUPPOSED to redirect you to just the plain old link, but for some reason isn’t working as expected.

The funny thing is eventually I’m going to change it back to down the road.

Don’t forget too–you can always download Narrative First and Subtext as a PWA in Chrome or Safari - just click the download as an app - and then it will function without you having to remember any of the links etc.

**(Nvm, PWAs STILL don’t work on Safari MacOS… :roll_eyes:)

And for some reason, I thought I had instructions on how to do it in the Manual, but still have to add that, so…

  1. With iOS, just click the Share button anywhere in Narrative First or Subtext, and click Add to Home Screen…

Then you’ll have a nice looking super advanced story structure app at your fingertips like I do here:

  1. In Chrome, the “share” button is that Download/Install button to the far right of the URL bar:

Click that and you’ll download NF and Subtext as a single app.

Note that when I make changes, you’ll have to re-download manually - I know, not very convenient, but workable for now.

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That’s great Jim, thanks!