Success or Failure when you have a future but can not make your future

In my story everyone wants to make their future. To avoid prison the MC needs at the end to sign a paper to have a future (outside prison) but he won’t be able to make his (dreamed up) future.

How would you determine whether the story ends in success or failure when all options for the MC has been exhausted and only the option he never considered is left for him - and he decides to go for it?

Success: MC has still a Future (being not in prison)
Failure: MC has not made his Future

In my Story the Judgment is: Bad

The story goal is about everybody, not the MC personally, which places the story goal in the Overall Story throughline, not the MC throughling.

If “the future” describes the main character’s primary concern then the story goal will be something else, such as Obtaining or Changing One’s Nature (Becoming). If everybody’s concern is about the future, then the main character’s concern will be Obtaining or Changing One’s Nature.

If the future is the MC Concern, then you have yet to determine what the story goal is and whether or not it is achieved (Success or Failure).