Suggestions for Dramatica software improvements

In the real work, the Impact Character may be composed of multiple people, so when the Impact Character are set, the function should be added to add more characters.In addition, when binding prototype characters, each prototype can only bind one person, which is unreasonable. It also needs to add additional functions, such as ANTAGONIST, SIDEKICK, CONTAGONIST, etc., which can be done by multiple people.Hopefully, this flexibility will be added to the new version of the software.

Dramatica software should also have a free mode that does not impose any restrictions on the user’s choice, even if the user’s choice is completely against the rules of Dramatica.

I think it’s hard to convince someone to buy a piece of software 17 years ago, because the system environment in which the software is used is so different, and the old version carries so many risks.Moreover, over the past 17 years, there should be many new developments in theory.Looking forward to the new version. :blush: :blush:

They already have this. It’s called Microsoft Word.


I agree on being able to add hand-off character relationships. Just yesterday, I wanted to do this.