Table of Scenes & every possible story point on a single page

Sorry, I’m bit late to this. I’ve tested several storyforms from the Mac version of Dramatica in both Chrome 64 and Safari 11. All of them have worked perfectly. I love the new customization features available on the Safari version, especially Include Progress Boxes and Jim Hull’s Terms. The documentation and the option to include a title are very handy too. @bobRaskoph, thank you so much for giving your time to create and maintain this useful tool for Dramatica.

I’ve not used this before, but am going to look at it tonight. What would a clean PSR look like to you? Mine always has several paragraphs of description included by default. Do I put the whole thing in, or do I need to modify that first?

In the Mac version, there are some checkboxes at the top of each report. Uncheck “Show Vocabulary” and “Show Illustrations” to create a clean PSR report.

In the Windows version, there are some “pressed” buttons labeled “Vocabulary” and “Storytelling” at the top of each report. Uncheck them to create a clean PSR report.

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Pretty late to this thread, but if you’ll excuse the tardiness I wanted to pass on the good vibes and appreciation for the coding. This is super useful.
Thanks again

New Update after… two years?
Version 2.81

  • This should help with some text issues
  • I added more recent Terms of as well as the Ending

…and that’s it.