The 3D Chess Set all the way down

I should know this, but I don’t.

I think I understand that the chess set changes after you’ve specified your story in the Story Engine, down at the element level. Is that true? So the element quads shift around? Do the quads themselves shift, or the do the elements in the quads shift?

Or not.


Yes, they flip and move.

that note on the other thread is a great explanation. thanks. immediate
intuitive understanding of the 'irritation" aspect of it. Seinfeld just did an interview where he said that irritation is the source of comedy; comedians put a candy coating around it so you can get some relief. So, ‘relief’ seems key. (interview, along with Steve Martin, at the New Yorker Festival).

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The order that appears in the theme browser in Dramatica Story Expert is the ‘natural order’. Is that statement true?

It’s an unwound mind. A mind at rest with no conflict.