"The Omen": MC, Act I: Ambassador Thorn: Being/Playing A Role?

Hi. I’m trying to learn Dramatica by studying ye olde classics that’ve been analyzed here or on Jim’s site Subtext.

On Jim’s site Subtext, it has the storyform for “The Omen.”

It says in Act I, the Main Character Throughline (MC is Ambassador Thorn) is “Being” (nowadays called “Playing A Role” I guess.)

I’ve seen that movie several times and I can’t for the life of me think of how Thorn is playing a role in Act I.

Does anyone have any insights they could share to help me understand? Thank you in advance and sorry for asking such a basic question.


Just a guess, but according to Wikipedia, the beginning of the Omen:

Moments later Robert is informed of a plan by the hospital chaplain, Father Spiletto, to secretly adopt an orphan whose mother died giving birth to him. Robert agrees, but does not reveal to his wife that the child is not theirs. They name the child Damien.

It would seem like he’s “faking” being a the child’s father (probably could find a better gist). “Playing the role” of a father. Etc.


My gosh, you are right. I feel foolish. It’s so obvious now! Than you so much. Wow, Dramatica is almost spooky.


Don’t feel foolish! If Dramatica were obvious, none of us would be here on these boards.

Every so often I have this experience and it’s spooky each time!