Truncated pop-up boxes Win 10, Dram Pro 4.0 Build 8


I’m in the Scene editor and when I select something from the ‘This Scene Represents’ dropdown, I get the following pop-up boxes. Note that the last line in each box is half-missing.

My screen resolution on my laptop where I write (and where the screengrabs were taken from) is 1366x768, but I have a you-beaut high-powered desktop with 4k monitor and the same issue occurs there, too (see YouTube: - best viewed full screen).

Any workarounds?


Hey Lee,

I’ll look into it, but my guess is that there probably is NOT a workaround for the clipping on the right-most menu.

Ok, thanks.

I guess I’m waiting for the Windows version of DSE, hey? Joining the queue… :slight_smile: