Understanding Symptom and Response for a Steadfast Be-er MC

I remember reading that for MCs, Symptom and Response are the result of the way the MC’s preferential problem-solving style warps their view of their problem. Thus, a do-er MC’s Symptom and Response represent how they see their problem and solution as entirely situated outside themselves, whereas a be-er MC’s Symptom and Response represent how they see their problem and solution as entirely situated inside themselves.

My question is this: how does the above interact with an MC’s resolve?

In other words, if I have a steadfast MC, she is necessarily holding out for the world to change around her, yes? But if she’s a be-er, she’s going to “see” her problem and solution as being situated entirely within herself. So… what gives, basically? How can she see the problem-solution as completely internal in nature if she’s also depending on the world to change around her for the problem to go away?

Any thoughts/clarifications are much appreciated!

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I wonder if that wording is misleading … I think Be-er/Do-er makes a lot more sense from the author’s perspective rather than how the character sees it. From the character’s perspective, it often seems like a Be-er character “sees” their problems as coming from various places. If you “asked” Romeo where his problems were coming from he might tell you it’s his family, the fighting, etc. etc. … whereas the storyform is telling us his problems come from his obsessions and impulsiveness – as opposed to Juliet, whose problems come from her station in life etc.

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I think there is an OS/MC thing going on here.

In Lord of the Flies, Ralph knows he’s not the adult he needs to be in order to be a good leader. This problem is entirely within him, though you see the results of it in the outside world (from his perspective) because nobody is building the necessary huts or tending to the fire.

But he also knows that he can’t give over to this, so he works on himself to gain the needed skills.

Meanwhile, the world continues on its path until it works itself into a corner and ironically ends in Success.

Ralph isn’t waiting or holding out for this. He’s pushing to be the change.