Upgrading Discuss Dramatica

I’m going to upgrade this instance of Discuss Dramatica to the latest and greatest tomorrow Sunday, most likely towards the latter part of the day (Pacific time).

If I do it right, you won’t notice a thing. If I don’t, you will :smile:

I’d do it today, but the Sun is so close to the Earth today that its brightness is blinding me!


OK - I’m doing this for sure later today - if for some reason, Discuss Dramatica disappears for you for a bit, you will know why!


Updated Discuss to the latest and greatest.

My apologies in advance as I find a good combination of colors, etc.

The most important part – all the good info – is still here for you.



Hooked up automatic Dark Mode for those who have it setup on their system.

You can select it to be the default all the time by heading into your Profile, select Interface, and then under Theme select Vincent.

You can also disable automatic switching with the checkbox at the bottom of the Profile.

There’s another Light one in there too, if you want to use it (graceful) - if enough people like it, I can make it the default.


Thank you so much for Dark Mode option.


This new upgrade also makes the forum a PWA (Persistent Web App)—which means it functions as if an app you would download from the store.

Choose the Share option and select Add to Home Screen. You’ll have to re-enter your credentials (it’s a different thing then your browser).

It’s just the default Discourse icon for now, working on something much cooler.

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This is the Coolest !!! Now the whole site needs this upgrade!

PS: @jhull, no jokes, what did you smoke, really? Cos, I need to get some of that!
Your loading icon (TKAD) on Subtext is Friggin Awesome!!!

Saw the free class too. Great stuff. Many thanks.


Only the coolest pick up on that reference :smiley:


The new website looks fantastic! And I’m glad to see that padlock up in the address bar now. (HTTPS for the win! :smile:)

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Coolest thing about the upgrade – it seems to automatically insert “smart quotes”! I don’t think it did that before.