Validating noob's story following DSE

After trying to study Dramatica in 2019, I’m coming back to it with a more structured approach (excel :smile: ).

I found that some episodes from The Simpsons old seasons seem to follow closely the Dramatica theory, maybe I’m wrong.
Using the DSE from the Christmas special (The Simpsons Christmas Special - Analysis - Dramatica), I’m trying to write a different story (no Simpsons characters, but still Christmas in the suburbs) while sticking to the DSE and justifying each scene with DSE.

I’d love to have your feedback about it.

Here are the 4 scenes of Act 1:

Scene 1: Introduction to Suburban Setting [Overall Story - Concern: The Present]
[OS Signpost 1: The Past / Setup: State of Being] The main character walks through the neighborhood, observing the familiar Christmas decorations that reflect the established traditions and the community’s sense of identity.
[MC Signpost 1: Doing / Setup: Wisdom] The main character engages in conversations with neighbors, sharing tips and advice based on their experience of past holiday seasons.

Scene 2: Main Character’s Daily Routine [MC - Concern: Learning]
[MC Signpost 1: Doing / Revelation: Skill] The main character attends a holiday workshop, learning new techniques and crafts for creating ornaments and decorations.
[SS Signpost 1: The Preconscious / Revelation: Prediction] The main character has a vivid dream that foreshadows the arrival of the influence character and the challenges they will bring to the established traditions.

Scene 3: Influence Character’s Arrival [IC - Concern: Conceiving]
[IC Signpost 1: Conceiving / Setup: Truth] The influence character arrives with a suitcase filled with unique holiday artifacts, intriguing the main character with their tales of distant lands and alternative ways of celebrating.
[OS Signpost 1: The Past / Conflict: Circumstances] The community members, including the main character, express skepticism and resistance to the influence character’s unfamiliar customs and beliefs.

Scene 4: Initial Conflict and Tension [OS - Problem: Proaction]
[OS Signpost 1: The Past / Aftermath: Sense of Self] The main character, feeling unsettled by the influence character’s arrival, seeks reassurance from fellow neighbors who reinforce the importance of preserving traditions and the community’s identity.
[IC Signpost 1: Conceiving / Conflict: Suspicion] The influence character senses the main character’s doubt and becomes determined to prove the value and authenticity of their unconventional holiday practices.

Sorry if it doesn’t totally make sense, English is not my primary language.

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I don’t have much to add to this, other than that it seems like a solid setup so far! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!
For others: your feedback is warmly welcome too!