Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael

Quick thoughts after finally watching Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael.

All the characters are concerned about Roxy, a celebrity, returning to her hometown after 15 years. Many of them are also concerned about Dinky, the main character. They’re expressing their own interpretations and assumptions about Dinky. I suspect this puts the objective story in Psychology. Dinky has her mind fixated on the belief that she is the daughter of Roxy Carmichael.

Initially, I anticipated Roxy might be a remote influence character. There seems to be some resemblance between Dinky and Roxy. Roxy might be a consequence character, a type of character that appears in movies for an as yet not understood reason.

I believe the guidance counselor is the influence character.

Dinky and the other characters feel regret and broken hearted at the conclusion of the movie. Dinky especially feels broken hearted after realizing she had lied to herself. Perhaps this is the trait about herself that she must STOP, assuming her domain is in a horizontal relationship with that of the objective story. The very final scene bears importance. Does this mean she changed to Good, or is she still in a BAD place?