Welcome to Discuss Dramatica

You’ve found the community for those interested in the Dramatica theory of story! In these discussions you are welcome to ask for help, collaborate, and tell us about your experience with Dramatica. There are different discussion threads for different topics so feel free to ask us anything or tell us how you feel.

Dramatica is not easy. Judging by the volume of comments and questions left on various boards over the years, it is apparent that many writers struggle with understanding the theory and using it to their advantage. This community should be the kind of place that accelerates your understanding of the theory, moving you quickly and easily past any stumbling blocks.

Please keep the discussion on topic (Dramatica), though the occasional digression to related content (screenwriting, writing, etc.) will be allowed. This board is about discussing Dramatica, not alternate versions of Dramatica. If you want you are free to link to whatever you have on another site but for the sake of clarity all posts that alter the theory or somehow interpret it in their own way will be removed.

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