What is it like to be a Holistic Problem Solver?

Here is a switch from the usual found in a Specktickes comic. In this one I took it that the wife was the linear and the husband the holistic. Scroll down past the picture ads and list of comic scripts, under the comic, then you will find a few comments where I elaborated. I am the PK commentator. I thought it was a boring one and was clicking my way out of it, when the husband who was sitting on the couch at my elbow started belly laughing, and laughing and coughing because of chuckling so much. OK, I thought, I had better take another look at this, etc. https://www.arcamax.com/thefunnies/spectickles/s-2122931

I don’t know how deep you can go into a one line joke with Dramatica, but it seems to me that the joke is coming from a look at the state of things. By asking if that’s enough beauty cream, he’s suggesting that her current state of appearance needs more than one jar to be fixed. I’d say that was a pretty linear view.

Thanks for the perception.

A shoulder bag with many [6,8,10 etc. little zip pockets] and a big main pocket in the middle where one can dump tons of stuff and smaller bags with stuff … holistic. The wallet-clutch … linear.