Where are all 'justification' articles


I did try to refresh ‘justification’ concept and it seems like all ‘justification’ articles disappeared from the narrativefirst.com.
Is there a chance to find it anywhere?

Thank you for help.

Well, If there is no news on these articles maybe someone have a copy in own files.
I appreciate if you can share. :slight_smile:

They don’t exist anymore on Narrative First because they were inaccurate. They were trying to teach a concept that was based on a misinterpretation of what a Dramatica storyform is.

Is the justification concept in general null and void? I enjoyed a number of the discussions on this forum about it

Not to worry – justification is still as important a concept as it ever was. As I understand it, the issues were only with the specific justification formula(e) found in those particular articles.


Yes. A lot of it was based on a misunderstanding of mine that propagated through others, namely that there are justifications within each Storypoint.

It was leading many to circular reasoning and rabbit holes.

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