Will dramatica give me the best options?

Hello, I’m new to Dramatica and I’m trying to understand the concepts. My assumption is that if I give a few parameters of the characters, relationship, and problem, Dramatica will give me the most logical plot (signpost and journey?) and best options to complete the story. As in, if I want to get the best of this story, I should follow the signpost/journey generated by the software. Is it correct?

I’m asking this because I only have a partial idea (a MC and problem), but I’m not sure what’s the best way to solve it according to MC personality and relationship with IC. And I want to use the software to see the alternative plots / problem solving routes I can take. Or what kind of IC I can create whom inspires the best solution to this MC. Can I do that?

Sorry if my question’s hard to read, English is not my first language.

Thank you


I would say that is a perfect use case for Dramatica theory. Your thinking is right inline and you’ll find working with theory perfect for filling in those missing pieces.

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Thank you for the confirmation. It interests me that we can use Dramatica to model human behavior/predict the problem solving steps for such and such personality + relationship. I’m still learning to understand the terminology and the example though, like “what does this mean for this character” etc. Hopefully I can learn more from this forum :+1: