Word Count requirements in Dramatica?

Is there anything within Dramatica that requires an equal treatment of each signpost/act? My act 2 is significantly shorter than my act 1, almost half the length. Does this create an odd rhythm in the story or should we disregard “word count” expectations for each section? I’m fighting the idea that it needs to be X% of the story at plot point 1, 50% at midpoint, etc. That said, probably midpoint would still be about the middle, but act 1 is significantly (and necessarily) longer in order for the signpost to turn.

Dramatica doesn’t care how long your story is. It cares what your story means. Does it mean something that one act is longer than another? I would guess not.

I think Dramatica would say that each act needs to be fully explored-however much space that takes-in order to add up to a complete story. But there’s no rule that says you have to write a complete story. You can write just enough for the audience to get it, or leave it out altogether. Just depends on what your goal for the story is.

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