Writing documentaries with Dramatica

I would like to know if we can use Dramatica for writing a documentary? With real events from our world? I think so!
Does anyone have great examples of documentary that respect the Grand Argument Story?
I’m curious!
Thank you for reading

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Wild Wild Country (Netflix) is a great example. @jhull did an analysis but I can’t seem to find the article. Anyway, that’s a good one to check out.

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Thank you @Lakis. I’ll watch this and check the storyform! And I’ll be very interested to check the analysis @jhull if possible :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

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I looked everywhere for it, but couldn’t find it. Even in my drafts. I KNOW I wrote something comprehensive about it, but can’t find it anywhere now…besides the storyform. Sorry about that.

If you get a chance, check out the “Ask No Questions” documentary, I can tell you LOTS about that one (as I helped develop the narrative behind it).

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I saw two documentary series that grabbed one’s attention until the last episode, with each minute having one’s eyes glued to the screen. It would most likely be broken up (out of sequence), but such viewer satisfaction might come from a GAS.

  1. Lost Treasures of Egypt” - National Geographic Channel
  2. Science Channel Series “Egypt’s Unexplained Files

The first had exciting snippet injections of only minutes left before the permit time ran out, giving that series an understated but existing timelock. Documentary and timelock cliffhanger moments were cool.

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No worries. Thank you anyway @jhull
I’ll try to check. That sounds interesting!

I took note of this two documentary series :slight_smile:
Thank you @Prish