Your Moment of Zen

A multiple storyform work, say three of them, is three storyminds in conversation with each other, presenting to each other, and a society that forms between them.

What do you think?

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Interesting… I never thought of it that way!

or it‚Äôs orchestral‚Ķyou can almost hear music arising from them‚Ķbut it‚Äôs something ‚Äėmeta‚Äô to the story forms interaction, a kind of vibrant hum. A kind of civil discourse.

Dramatic Harmony!

I love it in theory… can we prove it? Any examples and how they work together?

I know ESB has two storyforms… I bet it sounds like DUUUN DUUUNN DUUUUN dun-DUHH DUUUN dun-DUHH DUUUNNN!!!