500-word example of encoding the problem of pursuit using the elements dream and avoid as justifications

Ignore my bad writing and grammar for now.

****Sizwe pursues Jessica because of a dream he had about her. __

**Jessica devises different ways of avoiding Sizwe because of his advances (pursuits)**

One night Sizwe had a dream of getting married to a Jessica a pretty girl who had just joined his grade ten class at Kabira International School. He went and asked her if she could be his girlfriend. Jessica told him she’s not interested. That didn’t stop him from trying to befriend her. He would stop by her desk on the way to his seat every morning and stretch out his hand in greeting.

“I’m not going to leave until you shake my hand,” he smirked.

She would shake his hand at the beginning but after a while, she would ignore his outstretched hand.

One morning as he had his hand stretched, she stood up.

“I’ve told you I’m not interested. Leave me alone.”

“You think your talking is going to stop me,” he grinned.

The other students stopped what they were doing and watched them.

“I’m going to tell the teacher.”

Sizwe kept his hand stretched out.

She looked at him with narrowed eyes then sat up and picked up the novel Great Expectations that she was reading.

Sizwe saw the title of the book. “I have great expectations for the two of us, he said in a whispery voice.

He stayed in front of her desk until Mrs. Fumbe, the class teacher entered.


Sizwe believed that the dream showed him they were meant to be. He purposed to never stop trying to make that a reality.

Jessica pursued different methods of avoiding Sizwe’s advances.

She spoke to him on several other occasions to leave her alone but he didn’t listen.

She eventually went to the school principal, Mr. Chinwe.

He assured her that he would deal with the situation. He called Sizwe to his office after the afternoon classes.

“You need to leave Jessica alone.”

“There are many other girls here that you can talk to.”

“Respect her decision and leave her alone. Understood?”

Sizwe nodded. “Yes.”

I’m also going to get in touch with your parents.

Mr. Chinwe tried to reach Sizwe’s parents for over a month but he was not able to do so. His parents were both workaholics and as a result, they were never involved in Sizwe’s life.

They felt paying for Sizwe’s education was all the investment they needed to make in their son’s life.

As a result, Sizwe was an undisciplined teenager.


Jessica also told her parents about the situation.

“I’m going to squeeze that boy’s neck tomorrow,” said Mr. Wekesa, Jessica’s father.

Mrs. Wekesa held her husband’s hand, “Calm down. Let’s ask for a meeting with the principal as soon as possible.”

The Wekesa’s met the school principal two days later.

“I want this to stop. I want to meet that boy and give him a piece of my mind.”

“It is best if you speak to Sizwe’s parents. I tried contacting them but to no avail.”

“Please give me their contacts so I can reach them myself.”

“We cannot do that. It’s against school policy to share the contacts of the parents of our students.”

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I agree with @mlucas on the other thread that trying to separate the justification step might be overcomplicating things.

What I immdiately noticed here is that it seems like you’re working through different quads at different levels (Issue and Element). I guess since each quad makes a dramatics “circuit” that makes sense.

Since there’s not a complete story here, I guess it’s possible to have other interpretations of which quads to use.





Then at the Element Level under Closure:

He continues to pursue her.

She tries but can’t avoid him.