A Little Relaxation - Story outline

Problem – Pursuit - sometimes we tend to chase things a lot and forget that we need to rest because Rome wasn’t built in a day

Solution – Avoid – we need to get out of the way of stressful situations that will bring us to our knees and deliberately set aside time to relax

Focus – Consider – the feeling that we need to get things in order at this time, right now, makes us get overwhelmed seeing we strive for perfection in the short run instead of looking for long term goals

Direction – Reconsider – we need to think about things in the right perspective and know that everything takes time for it to be perfect, like a butterfly goes through stages before getting its beautiful wings

Story outcome – Success – at the tail end, Louis will come to the realization that things don’t always happen in a day and as such will start to give himself more meaningful breaks from life’s troubles

Story judgement – Good – Louis will feel good about himself since he has conquered a territory of work-holism and has now found the importance of doing things with rest in the equation not forgetting the fun activities he now engages in keeping him fresh and full of joy

Story driver – Decision – things tend to happen around Louis which make him driven to take the decisions he has been taking all along in his life to work, work and work.

Story limit – Optionlock – Louis ends up with a back injury because of the stress in relation to sitting for long hours doing work and is forced to have leave as he goes through physiotherapy for a whole year to calm down his nerves and get him back on his feet

MC approach – Do-er – he tends to act on impulse and do things before he really gives them much thought making him a tricky character to deal with especially for his subordinates at his company

MC growth – Stop – Louis should stop over working himself and give himself some time off to rest and relax, have some fun, make some friends and get a life because he is like a puppet now

MC resolve – Steadfast – he is still going to remain a person who pursues his ideals however, he will start to reconsider his methods and as such come up with a better way of balancing his work and social life

Story concern – Subconscious – he is driven to achieve because of the dreams he has to become the first Ugandan billionaire to rise from the ashes like a phoenix with nothing and make it in life

Story Plot Progression

Sign post 1

Memory – Louis recalls being a poor boy in the village growing up and his mother nearly lost her life because she couldn’t afford to buy medication at the health centre which drives him to work and so she never has to suffer again

Sign post 2

Conscious – he had many scorn at him as he started off selling g-nuts by the road side and telling him he’d never make it

Sign post 3

Preconscious – Louis took himself not to be worth much or anything at all and as a result he decided to strive hard to make something out of his life and not become like the kids in his neighbourhood who got spoilt and engaged in indiscriminate acts of theft, smoking, to mention but a few

Sign post 4

Subconscious – he comes to the realization that his health could be compromised by over straining himself and the hard work he put in to build his empire and protect his mother and others like her will all go down the drain.