A Monster Calls

Great flick. I was surprised as to how it joins The Babadook and Inside Out in its way of dealing with repressing key feelings. I think some of compared it to The Iron Giant in some ways, but it’s definitely a bit of a tear-jerker and something most everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. I didn’t necessarily have my Dramatica cap on while watching it (I never do the first viewing), but the similarities with the aforementioned stories lead to me to believe it probably has a strong storyform. Need to watch it again. Anyone else catch it yet?

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I just finished watching it for the first time! Immediately wondered if anyone else posted about its storyform. It would be a great one to analyze I think.

I think it’s one of those films that slid way, way, way underneath the radar. I don’t see too many talking about it much which is a great shame.

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I have a storyform for this…thought it was tremendous – I just keep forgetting to post it - I’ll do it tomorrow (try to post a new one every Thursday) thanks for reminding me!


Awesome! I just re-read the article I wrote from back when I watched it and am curious to see how it measures (I didn’t break it down into specifics of Dramatica, but touched on a key concepts.) A lot of reviews that were negative focused on it being too somber, which completely misses the point.

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That would be great! Thanks!!