Armando's Dramatica for Screenwriters (again!)

Hi, I’m using (I know) the last PC version of Dramatica (v 4). In his book Armando suggests giving a title for each throughline. Now, I know that the later Mac software version specifically discussed this in its user guide, my Armando book has scrawled in pencil on page 39 “but where do title a throughline?!”. I’m sure at some point I did find by total accident where to do this in PC Dram 4 (was it query system? was it storyguide? Am I hallucinating totally and the capacity to do this is nowhwere?) Also, if you manage to do this, does this titling show on any report eg kitchen sink report etc? Look forward to hearing I can remain baffled :).

Ok - postscript - have I found this again now (but have I?) after much looking - that you are able to name the OS throughline (eg as per Armando’s example p 39 “Aristocratic Neurotics”) only in the level 3 Storyguide “illustrating” and only for OS and M/I and see this only in the report “Story Engine Settings” and nowhere else? Which means if you were going to title a character (main, impact - Armando’s example “Unlucky in Love”) you would need to do it by amending their name in the working model (eg, “Ted, Unlucky in Love”)? Did I answer my own question or get this wrong?) I hope to hear - thank you!

Hi, yes, I think you’re right. But if you check the dropdown in the Query System (Story Guide) (see screenshot) you can add info for all throughlines.
As for the reports, I’m not sure. I can see my title names in reports for:

  • level 3 story guide
  • all illustrating
  • story engine settings

I’m not sure what you mean about making amendments in the working model. As far as I know, you can change character names in the Build characters screen, and you can edit their information in the Query System (Character Illustrating). If you’ve added additional characters (not just MC and IC), they will appear in the illustrating list as well.

Hope this helps!


thanks so much - yes you can add info but specifically only title/“name” the throughlines OS and M/I on my Dram 4? I notice you have actually snipped M/I above so maybe that’s why that shows “Name” in blue section there - don’t seem to be able to past a snip in to my reply here the way you did to show this - unsure why - but in level 3 (only) Story Guide I have the first 2 headings to complete (BEFORE you get to each throughline to illustrate) as “OS Name” and “M/I Name” and THEN AFTER THAT each throughline to illustrate. Yes? many thanks, cheers from Baffled :slight_smile:

PS What did you use to you post your snip? :slight_smile: My standard “snip” and “snip and sketch” won’t paste in here !

Hello Baffled :slight_smile:
Hmm, yeah, now that I checked again, it’s the same with me. I can only change the MC or IC names but not their throughline titles (those fields don’t seem to exist anywhere). Looking through the reports, it seems the MCTL and ICTL don’t have title fields, only the OS and RL throughlines have titles. The other two just receive the character names.
To be honest, I always use a Word template I created for Armando’s outlining process. I do all the titling etc. there, and I only use the software to play around with the story engine. And I only use the query system when storyforming.
As for the snipping: I snipped with the snipping tool (Windows 11) and then pasted (CRTL+V) into the message box. It takes a moment to upload and then viola.

I’m afraid I haven’t a clue why it isn’t working for you. Maybe this has something to do with user status and you’ll be able to do that once you’ve been on the forum longer? Wild guess, sorry!