Conflict and justification phrasology

How the heck does one decide on what is “context” / in order to phrasing.

Deets: I’m working on an OS thing that has the subtext phrasing of Characters collect evidence of something that leads to getting a funny feeling about someone while getting the idea that things can’t continue this way.

Specifically, I’m working on the evidence portion which has below it
Ability | Aware
S-Aware | Desire

So I’m on Ability. I know that’s prolly too much detail, but hey, better than not enough.

Anyway, I was working on the justification and had…

A character should be disabled from harming others…

And then I was kinda stumped…what the heck was my justification context…in order to do the right thing? Just seems so weak. So I backed it up a step…

A character should be disabled in order to keep them from harming others.

which felt stronger to me
So here’s my question dilemma, how do you know if you have your context portion or not?

Do you know what story you’re telling or are you making it up as you do this process?

I know somethings, not others.

I think another leg of this process is to make sure that your justifications fit into your story. I think that’s how you know if you have your context. Unless I’m misunderstanding something – likely, given the newness of this process.