Contextual Subgenres: resource

Thanks to @jhay and @Rachel_Blot, and @Lakis for getting me aware of these things…I’ve been referring to Contextual Subgenres and Quadrant-flavors for some time now. Subgenres essentially take the gists and categorize them.

I’ve formatted these into a resource I use. I review these two resources and choose a direction for each of my domains before I start a new project. As the forum posts on the topic show, you can also “flavor” each signposts with similar subgenre thematic elements.

I wanted to make it available for others on this forum, so you can easily click to the different sections as you’re planning new writing projects.

I’ve been out of the loop on the forum for the past couple months, so if there have been new updates, I’m not aware. @jhay, if you have put some more thought/detail into these since I pulled them onto my computer last fall, please let me know and I can update this. But we all appreciate you sharing what you did with us. It’s beyond helpful.

I hope it makes for an easy-to-use resource. I have it in epub, pdf, and kindle, but the pdf’s TOC is not linkable.

Epub download below. (PM me if you want a different format).

–>>Epub of Quadrants & Contextual Subgenres. <<–

Here’s a link to one of the first discussions on this topic…