Diving deep into PRCO, SRCA, TKAD for every event in a Scene, and PSR, I can't see anymore

May God’s peace be upon you, dear Dramatica people. It is morning on my side, so I wish you a good day.

Without using Dramatica Software, or Obtaining The Great Armando’s book, but based only on theory and on the words of the Great Armando and Mr. Jim Hull, I arrived at the following:

After I answer the software’s questions it will predict and draw the Signposts\Types for every Story line, then reorganize - for the plot - the Variations/Issues under different types that suits the most dramatic tension for that story, (the moved Rubik’s Theory) thus we will have the wondrous PSR.

Good. So in the end the Act will look like this (Based on The great Armando and Sir Jim Hull Examples):
" In act one, ‘achieving or possessing something’ (Obtaining) is explored in terms of Value, Confidence, Worry, and Worth."

Signpost1 – Obtaining

• Value
• Confidence
• Worry
• Worth

now every one of that will be organized by having one (Letter\Point) out of That blissful and fascinating shit:

1 - (PRCO - the 4 dimensional view to the Sequence\Scene)
2- (SRCA\1234 - The Order of scenes\events revealed)
3- (TKAD - it must be one of the four Classes Up There, Yeah, Up There)
4- Finally the scene will be - and as in our language (his insides is torn apart out) - explored by exploring what the effect\message regarding the audience by examining the (Character - Plot - Theme - Genre) By (PASS - Pass it). (I doubt that (Pass) is related to the sequence)

Now let’s leave this depth and dive deeper, there is in the depths (the scene) and it will ordered on the example of the great Armando as follows:

Note: (Now we are also free to choose the elements beneath that particular variation and we go nuts and choose other elements from one of the other dimensions at this poor and quite (Theme Table), but we will choose the ordinary, so the Sequence\Scene will look something like this:

Sequence\Scene 1 – Value (Z Shape)
• Proven
• Effect
• Cause
• Unproven

i don’t want to be enslaved by numbers but that will give us (64) exact points, (4 Signposts in any given Act X 4 Variations for each X 4 Acts)

Now what i Understood from Sir Jim that the (Perfect) scene also will have (PRCO) (SRCA) (TKAD) (PASS).

now i need to ask some questions seeking help from you kind and busy people of damatica.

1- Is what I understood correct from the theory of Dramatica and the method of Software to reach the depth of the scene?

2- I feel that (PASS) is not for a sequence but is for a scene only, is this claim true?

3- Why do I feel the sequence is replaced sometimes by the term (scene)? So, if we want to divide the Signpost, we do not divide it into four sequences, but into a Four (scenes), and this scenes include smaller dramatic unit that includes (perhaps) several beautiful small scenes to stretch the story?

4- The most important of these questions at all, which baffled me greatly, is the following words of Mrs. Melanie:

“So, each Event in a Scene will have a 1,2,3,4 for sequential order, a P,R,C,O, for context, and be a Situation (Universe), Attitude (Mind), Activity (Physics) , and Mentality (Psychology).”

If my understanding is correct, the order would be:
Scenes/scene unit

Stop, then, for every scene there are four events, and then again for every event there will be (PRCO) (SRCA) ?

5- are the Signposts also have (PRCO) (SRCA) (TKAD) ?

if you reach this point and read what i wrote i must thank you so much for your kind time that i hope i did not waste, and again I hope you have a very good day.