Your Scene-planning Method using SRCA, PRCO, TKAD, PASS

I’m at this point in my own writing, needing to structure the scenes based on all the things planned in Dramatica.

I was planning to do the Swain thing, because I “get it,” but would prefer to understand SRCA, PRCO, TKAD, PASS first (my own Gathering Information/Understanding/Obtaining then Doing in writing).

I’m also teaching (my high school daughter) Intro to Dramatica, and soon she will also be at the scenes level for her story. (Call me the Little Engine that Could).

I feel like I’m mountain climbing up solid ice. Can’t get a grip-hold on this. But I feel my brain pressing to comprehend something just almost beyond me.

@mlucas gave me a bit of hope in his answer.

So what I’m asking is, What is YOUR process?


For me in my Grid it’s PASS >>>> KTAD, >>> PRCO >>>>> SRCA.

From the Variation of the PSR and my assessment of where the story’s at, I try to determine if the story needs some storytelling or structural appreciation (PASS). So that I vary the feel of the scenes.
The KTAD part is next. Like @mlucas said it’s to give the scene the according qualities.
The PRCO is for context with respect to the Signpost.
The SRCA is how I lay the scene out for the desired effect I wish to evoke. Where I cannot get a certain feel, I go with the default 1234 and re-visit it later.


This is exactly the thread I need right now, too. I have used the Scene/Sequel approach, and I feel a better understanding of some practical applications of Dramatica’s four modalities of scenes would just help immensely.

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When I first started using dramatica software program, I worked almost through the night and only made it through about a fourth using the plot option. A few days later I nailed a whole new thing in two hours, but this time I used the character option. (Filling out all the blanks etc.). You and your daughter might naturally come at it from different angles, don’t forget.

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