Dramatica Little Green Book

I’ve created this document some time ago to make easier brainstorming. It did a job, at least sometimes.
On the other hand the title have been ‘invented’ yesterday.
Anyway it is about usability and the idea was to move from dictionary to examples to have better understanding on what Dramatica element could mean and haw it can be ‘implemented’. As you probably know, in theory - theory and practice is the same; in practice - it is not.
I will share with you 16 subdomains with definition, some gists, some examples of goal, requirement, consequence, forewarning and finally existing stories/movies. To make navigation easier I decided to split it into separate threads but if admins believe it is better to keep it in a single one, just let me know.
Feel free to add your thoughts and examples. Especially because I have so many blank points to be filled.

This… could be a useful resource. Couple questions for you, though:

  1. Why did you make two separate threads for this?
  2. Why did you name it after the manifesto of warlord and psychopath Muammar Gaddafi? :thinking:

Well… I hope it can be useful :slight_smile:

  1. This one is to show a big picture. On separate threads I’m going to describe different elements. There is 16 subdomains and I have also a further plan so with everything in one thread it may be hard to find an information. But if you think it is better to keep it in one thread I can merge it.
  2. I thought ‘Little Green Book’ is just a term for guide/report kind of document. Just put it in a web search. There is a lot more little green books. UK government reports, nice movie from 2018, guides to green energy, poker, baking and so many more. But… the title is also not written in a stone. I can change it if you wish.

This is a part of Dramatica Little Green Book.
Feel free to share your ideas, examples, stories, movies.


Doing is the process of being physically active. In and of itself, Doing does not require any purpose but simply describes engaging in a process, task, or endeavor, whether for pleasure or by necessity or compulsion.
Syn. performing, executing, effecting action, acting.

Be a lawyer, Baking, Acting, Playing chess.

Have a new life, be happy in love, be a lawyer, be a baseball player, be free forever.
Movies: All that Jazz, American Sniper, Birdman, Eddie the Eagle, Romeo and Juliet.

Protecting father, hunting for replicants, tracking El Mariachi.
Movies: The Godfather, Blade Runner, Rain Man, El Mariachi.

Have a regular life, be imprisoned, to be indoctrinated, to keep identity secret, give up dreams.
Movies: I Tonya, Tootsie, Jojo Rabbit, Lolita, The Incredibles.

To be hunted.
Movies: The Fugitive, The Piano Lesson.


Obtaining includes not only that which is possessed but also that which is achieved. For example, one might obtain a law degree or the love of a parent. One can also obtain a condition, such as obtaining a smoothly operating political system. Whether it refers to a mental or physical state or process, obtaining describes the concept of attaining.
syn. controlling for oneself, possessing, having, keeping

Buy something, sell something, capture someone, not being captured, getting a friend, win a race.

Return to the future, capture all replicants, return to home planet, get swamp back, escape.
Movies: Shrek, Blade Runner, Rain Man, Roman Holiday, Moneyball, Matrix, Die Hard.

Join the team, escape to Mexico.
Movies: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All That Jazz.

Lose a loved one, lose a home, be captured.
Movies: Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Brokeback Mountain, Chicago, Pretty Woman.

Discovering real identity, finding clue on real intention, buy a gun, be sentenced.
Movies: Apt Pupil, A Clockwork Orange, Chinatown, Taxi Driver.

Obtaining can be easy as a story goal but I feel like more examples is needed for requirements and forewarning.
If you have something in mind, feel free to share.

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