Dramatica's new version requires multithreading

Because according to Dramatica’s theory, each story can only have one MC, which means that it can only analyze a single story at a time.But in reality, a movie, a novel, each story is composed of large and small many stories.So in practice, when I use Dramatica to analyze movies, novels, and my own works, I often feel powerless.
So, I think, Dramatica’s new version should be designed to be multi-threaded. Rather than having us create a separate file for each story, it’s hard to see the connection between the stories.
This is probably just my personal dilemma and I don’t know how you can solve it.

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Most of the movies I see do not have a complete story and very few have more than one. It may be more common in novels than movies, and it may just be the movies I’m watching, but I would not think it was typical for either to contain many.


Great idea…which is why I setup Subtext to do what you ask from the very start. Stories can consist of many different narratives (Storyforms). While you can’t do it now, eventually you will be able to weave Beats from different narratives within the same story. Just know that, as difficult as it is to engineer such a feat, it’s 10,000 times more difficult to be creative managing several different Storyforms at once. There’s a reason it’s called the Size of Mind Constant—try and break it (by working on more than one story at once within the same context) and you risk losing sight of what any of them mean.


I love the idea of multi-threading and am glad @jhull is on it.

I used to believe this. I now think most movies are one story. Sometimes they are not a story. Sometimes, rarely, they have two. I have never seen three.

This is true for most books I read, too.


It’s amazing that this is here. I was chatting with a friend who cofounded an animation studio(now defunct) with me some time ago. ML is the future! I mean we’ve all had a little taste of it with Dramatica. Albeit in a crystallized form thanks to Chris and Melanie and Steve. But like @fly2spring said, multithreads are the next phase.

@jhull, since you work closely with Hollywood people, you’re more likely to be aware of these things but for those in the community who aren’t quite so…exposed to it, please watch this video when you get the chance. It’ll rock your world.

Just imagine what that version of the software might be like!