Dynamic, Companion, Dependent

I’m doing this kind of annotation to help me to see this aspect of the quad more clearly. Inlcuding keeping that note handy so I remember the deets.

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The Directors Cut:

I just realized from reading that article that none of the meanings in the quad elements, variations, types or classes are stable. They are all dynamic, because:

  1. if you compose them from a single element up to the class, each of the next levels is a composed summation of the levels beneath it
  2. so then you gaze at the elements from the top down and they have a different order, the Class,
    Type, Variations themselves, whatever their names, have different ‘field characteristics’ because
    of their composition
  3. even if you just start at the element level and stop there, the quad elements will have different
    real qualities based on their arrangements within the quads, and their arrangments vis-a-vis each other.

So the names of the quad components are always, always, always approximations: collections of properties looked at one way, as particles; summations of field influences, looked at another way, as waves.

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