Enchanted challenging the storyform

I woke up to the podcast of the Dramatica analysis of Enchanted. They spent quite a bit of time assuming the man was the main character. In the end, it was decided that the princess was the actual main character. However, with the daughter and girlfriend tied to the man, I’m wondering if Jim Hull’s Subtxt improvement on Dramatica’s algorithms would show a more accurate representation and have the man be the main character.

The characters associated with the princess only seem to be OS characters. This is a romantic comedy. Typically, romantic comedies have characters tied to the main character, not the IC.

Just going from memory I would agree with you – I feel like I’m more looking “at” Giselle with all her crazy birds and things. And doesn’t she do some decoration with the curtains that we don’t see until Patrick Dempsey does, and we’re surprised along with him? (Or maybe that was Sound of Music lol)

That said, I haven’t listened to the podcast or seen the movie in a while, so take it all with a grain of salt.

As I was thinking about this I was wondering about another possible test we could use: Possible MC vs. IC test

If Giselle is MC that means:

  • her Crucial Element is Support
  • Robert’s is Oppose

If Robert is MC and the same Storyform applies (Help as OS Problem), then:

  • Robert’s Crucial Element is Help
  • Giselle is Hinder

The former sounds more like the story we see and the characters we engage with.

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