Feeling Great on the Road to Finish!

I just began entering my story in the program. I am so happy and fulfilled writing. This is my calling. How many people remember how great it felt to begin on the road to FINISH? :smiley:

:sparkles:This is the First Draft of my first novel.
I had started writing it in 2019, I had yet to learn how to write and put it all together and was very discouraged.
Recently, I became determined not to give up and started studying, I deal with severe depression so this is a breakthrough for me to be able to finish a book.
I have other stories that I believe I will now be able to finish:

“The House of Saint Yonder”
“Gangstalker’s End”
“The Undoing”

I just ordered: “Writing Deep Point of View : Professional Techniques for Fiction Authors” by Rayne Hall today!

Also, I am going to be a student of Rob Parnell’s Writing Acadamy! I
sign up tonight! :smiley: :revolving_hearts: :performing_arts: