Han Solo Story in A New Hope

I wonder if there’s a storyform independent of the primary one in the first Star Wars film. He’s in a situation where he owes Jabba money. He was boarded by Imperial troops and dumped the cargo. He accepts a job to help Luke, but he doesn’t want to get involved in the political struggle. Luke persuades him that by rescuing the princess, he’ll get money. He gets the money and leaves to pay Jabba. Luke tries to talk him into staying to help the rebels. He decides soon to not pay Jabba so he can help the rebels. This seems like Rick in Casablanca. He seems a changed character, which ends in failure for paying off the debt. Would he be in a happy, content mindset at the end? He seems to be.

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@geoff I have good and bad news for you.

Good news: Looks like @jhull had the exact same thoughts and figured out the storyform and it seems to agree with everything you said 100%! (Failure, OS about paying off Jabba, Good Judgment, Han Solo as Change character). You must have good instincts! :slight_smile:

Bad news: Since Jim already storyformed it you won’t get the enjoyment of doing / leading a brand new analysis. But, you could try to go a bit deeper and then compare to Jim’s – that’s always fun.

Jim’s is on Subtxt here: Star Wars: A New Hope (Han Solo). (Not every point is available unless you’re a Subtxt subscriber, but there’s still quite a bit that’s public.)

On a more general note, this is a great way to find substories – recognizing a Change character who’s separate from the main story Change character. And then recognizing a sort of “other context” for the story in which that character’s arc takes place, which clues you into the substory OS. Especially if you can see an objective Goal and Outcome.

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Thanks. I do subscribe to Subtxt.

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